Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cope with having cancer?
  1. Take advantage of Breast Care Nurse
  2. Try to have a positive outlook and not live in fear
  3. Try a support group to listen and share your feelings
  4. Reward yourself with achievable goals
  5. Take time out for yourself
What are some helpful numbers to have?
  1. Your GP / Oncologist
  2. Your nearest hospital
  3. Your treatment centre
  4. Breast Care Nurse
  5. Support Group / BCNA / Cancer Council
What helpful resources are available?
  1. BCNA, "My Journey Kit", "Hopes & Hurdles", other Cancer Council publications
  2. Breast Care Nurse
  3. Care Plan from GP
  4. Support Group
  5. Volunteer drivers, IPTAAS, Star Cards (Manning & Area Community Transport Group)
How do I care for my skin after surgery?
  1. After wound has healed, use Vitamin E/Rose hip oil/Sorbelene/Lavendar oil
  2. Do an exercise regime as scar with tighten
  3. See physiotherapist if needed
  4. Use sunscreen
  5. Treat al scratches or cuts promptly
What happens if my hair starts falling out?
  1. It's okay to be upset
  2. Shave your head before it all falls out
  3. Organise wig, scarf, turban, early
  4. Attend "Look good, feel better" programme
  5. In winter wear beanie to bed to stay warm
What helps us to cope with nausea whilst on chemotherapy treatment?
  1. Add freshly granted ginger to food and drink
  2. Avoid highly spiced foods
  3. Eat small amounts
  4. Drink lots of water or ginger beer
  5. Take the anti nausea medication recommended by your Oncologist
What should I do if I can't sleep?
  1. Have a warm bath before retiring
  2. Don't lie in bed tossing and turning
  3. Get up and do something non-stimulating, maybe meditation, tai chi, yoga
  4. Have a cup of soup, camomile tea, green tea, hot milk
  5. Have a read, listen to radio or music
How do I cope with depression?
  1. Seek medical advice
  2. Don't be afraid to cry
  3. Talk to someone you are comfortable with
  4. Allow yourself to grieve, so you can move forward
  5. Exercise